Projekt Beschreibung


Tesirée Prit u.a. bekannt durch Jan Delay (Klar), Marius Müller Westernhagen, Snap, Voice of Germany

Introducing herself, it takes the artist about two milliseconds to do what she does best: leaving a stunning impression. And that is thanks to her voice as well as to her appearance the former ranging from deep and soulful waves up to spar- kling and crystal clear peaks.

And her looks? “I’m a bit of everything”, Tesirée says, referring to her mixed African-Indian heritage. Audiences also love her often glamorous stage outfits combining elegance with exotic mystery.

Equally diverse is Tesirée’s musical background: from traditional Indian childhood tones to African fusion bands to finding her love with modern funk and soul.

So what did all these influences lead to? Performances with renowned artists such as R&B veterans JOE, KEITH SWEAT and 112. Recording and touring with JAN DELAY on several occasions including the Top20 single “Klar” and the “Mercedes-Dance” tour. Tesirée also success- fully performs as a solo singer for large corporate events, especially of the automotive industry, in places reaching from Barcelona to the Seychelles. Not to forget about her TV appearances which include TOP OF THE POPS, MTV BLACK AWARDS, STAR SEARCH and – most recently – THE VOICE OF GERMANY where she made it to the final eight.

And what is the driving force behind all her musical ambitions? “The power my family gives me” says the young artist straight away, “and my wish to inspire every audience!”